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Vocabulary – Part 8

Resolve/Resolution:  In music,when a note, chord, or progression strays from the key and becomes dissonant the act of bringing what is being played back into the key and regaining consonance is called resolving. Tuning machines: For stringed instruments, these are the

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Vocabulary – Part 7

Suspended (sus) chords: Chords which replace the third with either the perfect fourth or the major second. Because these chords do not play the third in the scale, they are neither truly major nor minor. Ninth chords: A ninth chord, for example C9,

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Vocabulary – Part 6

Polychord: (Also called a bi-chord) are two chords played at the same time.  An example of this is when a pianist plays one chord with the right hand and concurrently, another chord with the left hand. Delay:  For audio recording

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Vocabulary – Part 5

Swing Feel: As opposed to “straight time”,  giving a rhythm a swing feel most commonly implies lengthening of the first half of a beat and shortening the second half. So where a straight count of eighth notes in 4/4 time

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Vocabulary – Part 4

We have continued our bi-weekly vocabulary meetings and have some new terms for everyone: Medley:  In music, it is a piece composed of parts of existing musical pieces, usually short in length per existing piece.  We discussed that medleys were

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Vocabulary – Part 3

Keeping up with our vocabulary discussions, our most recent set of terms branched out from our previous focus on musical notation and terms. This week we covered hardware, techniques, and theory. Cent: Cent is a unit of measurement used to define

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Vocabulary – Part 2

At our latest “music lunch”, we again discussed some vocabulary words. We have also discussed creating a special “glossary” section of the blog that we can use for reference. For now, however, we are keeping track of them through simple

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As a continuation of our last post “What do WE know?” we decided to keep a running list of the music-related vocabulary that we are learning.  Something that we can go back and visit when needed.  We discussed having an

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What do WE know???

One thing we all realized but never really discussed was that we all came from different musical backgrounds and experiences.   Being 34 sprints into our band’s existence this became very evident with terminology and theory.  During our sprint boundaries/jams, one

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Music Development Workflow

We found a pretty good workflow a couple sprints into this project.  Ohm Studio worked well for us, since we could work as an agile team with independent efforts through a sprint, but still produce a great sounding final product.

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