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What do WE know???

One thing we all realized but never really discussed was that we all came from different musical backgrounds and experiences.   Being 34 sprints into our band’s existence this became very evident with terminology and theory.  During our sprint boundaries/jams, one

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Music Development Workflow

We found a pretty good workflow a couple sprints into this project.  Ohm Studio worked well for us, since we could work as an agile team with independent efforts through a sprint, but still produce a great sounding final product.

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Software and Music

If you aren’t aware of how the Agile Music Project works, go read the first couple posts, or the about page, for a description of how we are attempting to use agile software development practices for creating music.  Specifically, we are

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Recording Software

The second obstacle we dealt with is software.  There are a lot of recording packages out there of varying quality.  Audacity is a long standing favorite in the free software world, but it does lack some features and ease of

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Getting sound

The first obstacle you will have to overcome is how you will physically record your instruments.  We were lucky to have access to an electronic drum set that had audio output capabilities.  This saved us from having to mic a

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Thoughts and lessons from recording.

So AMP has been recording our first few songs and we are currently working on our second original song.  For most of us, this is our first venture into playing in a band and recording songs.  I wanted to make a few

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Welcome – Jamming and Learning

Welcome to the Agile Music Project (AMP) blog.  The goal of this blog is to open discussions on music topics as well as Agile which defines the core values and principles to which we adhered in our quest to learn

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Getting AMP’d Up

It’s alive! It’s a-LIVE!! The Agile Music Project is putting itself out there for folks to enjoy, be annoyed by, rejoice in, and make fun of. Check out our first recoding on the Music page. We covered Alice in Chains’

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