Meet the Band

  • Guitar and Vocals: Mike Abney

    Mike first started singing with his family in church as far back as he can remember. He started and stopped piano lessons several times from an early age, but is still a novice. He finally learned to play trumpet in his school band from fifth grade through graduation. A few years ago, Mike decided to start learning guitar—something he had long wanted to do, but never comitted to. Coincidentally, Ubisoft's Rocksmith came out and Mike used that and some lessons to pick things up quickly.

  • Bass, Vocals, and Guitar: Papa Ed Grannan

    Papa Ed started playing double bass in the first grade and continued through High School.  He dabbled with electric bass but did not get serious about it until much later.  During the early 2000's Papa Ed played the double bass for a series of "Sanders Family" plays with "Word of Mouth" productions.  Ed's experience with the electric bass has been off and on for over 20 years.  It has just been in the last two years that Papa Ed has gotten very serious with the bass, started taking lessons, and getting much more practice time.  Papa Ed has also started learning the guitar and may end up playing a bit for one or more of AMP's songs.

  • Bass / Backup Vocals: Bud M

    Bud decided to learn how to play bass and started learning on RockSmith in late 2013.  He picked up skills quickly and has been learning and playing with AMP to increase his skills.  He has enjoyed the journey and picked up a lot of knowledge from his fellow band members that he wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

  • Guitar: Joshua Rizzo

    Josh is an avid classical violin player, playing in several symphonies growing up.  In college, Josh randomly decided to teach himself guitar and has been hooked ever since.  He has tried several other instruments since then, but guitar is the only one that stuck.  

    He was raised as a rock and metal fan, but gained an appreciation for (almost) all forms of music through his adventures as a musician.  He deceded to join AMP because it was his first opportunity to play with other musicians in a contrmporary style band.

  • Drummer: Brian Zwahr

    Brian's been a drummer basically all his life, from pots and pans as a toddler, to a paper drum set as a kid, to percussion and drum line in school, all the way to drumming with friends and bands ever since. He also plays guitar, a bit of piano/keyboard, and is known to sing a song or two from time to time.

    His enjoyment of many genres of music is expressed in his musical works. He's produced a metal E.P., nerdcore rap songs, and electronic music, all on his own. Additionally, he's played with bands spanning from country to punk to oldies to metal.